NBA announces the match schedule: Playoffs officially return to fans 0

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Milwaukee Bucks will join the match. Immediately after that, two very watchful matches were delayed on the day the NBA went on strike on August 27. In a joint announcement released by the American Professional Basketball League (NBA) and the NBPA Players’ Association, the tournament and players

Top ten most successful teams in the history of NBA (part 1) 0

Made up of composed of 30 teams, 29 in the US and one in Canada, The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the world’s highest level men’s professional league. Every year, these 30 teams compete for the annual championship series of the NBA- The NBA Finals. The teams who win

Losing the grim 76ers, Spurs fell behind in the Playoffs race 0

The San Antonio Spurs had a better chance to reinforce the ninth spot, but the Philadelphia 76ers’ 3-point throwing blocked that hope. The San Antonio Spurs entered the confrontation with the Philadelphia 76ers with great enthusiasm when they had just defeated Memphis Grizzlies to climb to ninth place. Even better,

NBA reportedly plans to hold 2020 Draft Lottery virtually on Aug. 20 0

After having started about 10 months ago, the 2019-20 NBA regular season will come to the conclusion of the seeding games on Friday night. There remains the matter of a play-in tournament in the Western Conference, but when that is settled, the playoff field will be set, and the

Why can’t the street basketball legend Professor play in the NBA? 0

Professor is a street basketball legend with magical hands and extremely magical skills. But why doesn’t your talent come to the NBA? Grayson Boucher is famous for his tour of And1 and ESPN’s TV show. He was nicknamed The Professor when his magical hands turned all opponents into bewildered students. Many NBA

Ben Simmons likely to miss NBA playoffs for surgery on injured knee 0

Boomers superstar Ben Simmons is likely to be ruled out of the NBA playoffs to undergo surgery on his injured left knee, which deals a hammer blow to Philadelphia 76ers’ hopes for championship. On Saturday, the 76ers announced that Ben Simmons will be leaving the NBA’s restart bubble at

Anthony Davis exploded strongly, bombarding DPOY Rudy Gobert 0

Anthony Davis, with one of the best matches of the season, took the Los Angeles Lakers past the Utah Jazz, shutting down doubts about his performance. After the failure and a lackluster performance before Toronto Raptors 2 days ago, Anthony Davis was eager to return to express himself. Today,

NBA reboots: Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons and the most notable questions (Part 3) 0

If taken to the PF position, Ben could become more versatile and impact the more positive aspects for the Philadelphia 76ers. You can play as a runner, a quick counter-attacker, a bodybuilder who is superior to the opponent of the same position or a quality screener. The biggest weakness of

Zion Williamson was disappointed that the playing time was not even able to sweat! 0

In the press interview, Zion Williamson could not hide his disappointment when he played too little after the past two Pelicans games. The New Orleans Pelicans went through two official matches in Orlando, all of which were defeats against the more prized opponents: Utah Jazz (106-104) and Los Angeles

NBA reboots: Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons and the most notable questions (Part 2) 0

DOES LONZO BALL CONTINUE “FIRE”? If the New Orleans Pelicans want to hold on to the hopes of making it to the Playoffs, Lonzo Ball needs to keep up the fire. Before the season was postponed, Ball was reaching a career-high milestone of 3% throwing rate with 39% 3PT