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NBA plans to require players and staffs to wear sensor devices to trace contact 0

The NBA plans to unleash a feature of its communications tracking system by requiring more players and team staff to wear sensory devices during all activities organized by the team other than games starting on January 7, according to a league invitation received by ESPN. Only people in Tier

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving challenged each other and the super beautiful ending for the Brooklyn Nets 0

Previously, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green each challenged each other, leading to a bad ending for the Warriors. But in Brooklyn Nets, things are different. Fans have seen Kevin Durant being challenged by Draymond Green and a bad ending for the Golden State Warriors. This time, KD fell into

NBA 2021 award predictions 0

The 2020-21 NBA season is coming, which means it’s now time for us to provide our prediction about the league’s awards. Let’s discuss more. Champions The Los Angeles Lakers! The Clippers, Brooklyn, and Milwaukee all have claims, but the defending champion Lakers not only have the ultimate trump card

NBA 2020-21 season: Schedule, COVID-19 protocols, and things to make clear (part 2) 0

Will the games be postponed for positive tests? Like the NFL, the potential suspension or postponement of the game will be reviewed from time to time. NFL teams have tried to play a schedule where only a few players are tested positive with the virus in an organization, but

LA Clippers was accused of wrongdoing in the Kawhi Leonard deal, the NBA opened an investigation 0

An investigation was kicked off by the NBA today regarding the Los Angeles Clippers signing Kawhi Leonard in the summer of 2019. This is the NBA move after a lawsuit has just been filed by Johnny Wilkes, a partner of the professional chairman of LA Clippers is Mr. Jerry

NBA 2020-21 season: Schedule, COVID-19 protocols, and things to make clear (part 1) 0

The NBA 2020-21 season will start on December 22 following an abbreviated offseason, which saw the draft and the free agency starting compressed into the same week, with several uncertainty. Amid the context of COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA is facing decisions about how to undertake a regular-season campaign outside

The NBA has a new law, players are free to use marijuana 0

NBA organizers will remove cannabis from the list of banned substance testing in the 2020/21 season, but discourage athletes from using the drug. According to reputable sources from reporter Ben Dowsett, NBA organizers will not test marijuana with players in the 2020/21 season. This is an agreement between the

Andrew Bogut announces retirement after 14 NBA seasons 0

After 14 NBA seasons, on his Rogue Bogues podcast Monday, Andrew Bogut announced his retirement from pro basketball. Bogut, a native of Australia, concluded his career with the NBL’s Sydney Kings during his 14 NBA seasons. Besides his professional exploits, Bogut was also a decorated international player for the

Serge Ibaka: From refugee camp to NBA Champion 0

On June 14, 2019, veteran player Serge Ibaka became the NBA Champion with the Toronto Raptors. The seemingly impossible journey from the civil war in the Congo got him where he is today. Sergeballu Ibaka was born on September 18, 1989 in Brazzaville, capital of the Congo. His father,

Seeing his son give up on him to PUMA, what does LaVar Ball say so much? 0

Besides the fans’ surprise when LaMelo Ball signed with PUMA, they also wondered how his father LaVar Ball would react to being abandoned by his son. In the past time, LaMelo Ball’s decision to sign a promotional contract with PUMA has surprised many people. During the Australian season, the