LA Clippers was accused of wrongdoing in the Kawhi Leonard deal, the NBA opened an investigation

An investigation was kicked off by the NBA today regarding the Los Angeles Clippers signing Kawhi Leonard in the summer of 2019.

This is the NBA move after a lawsuit has just been filed by Johnny Wilkes, a partner of the professional chairman of LA Clippers is Mr. Jerry West.

The lawsuit alleges that Jerry West promised to transfer a $2.5 million bribe to Johnny Wilkes after successfully drawing Kawhi Leonard to the LA Clippers. But up to this point, the transaction has not been done yet.

TMZ Sports gave this information and cites the content of the lawsuit as follows:

Wilkes stated in the lawsuit that he immediately convinced Kawhi Leonard and Kawhi’s uncle Dennis that the LA Clippers was the right destination. This happened shortly after Leonard won the 2019 NBA championship with the Toronto Raptors and became a free agent.

Wilkes was also the one who shared information with Jerry West and the LA Clippers that they needed to trade Paul George first to entice Kawhi. Later, he helped Jerry West connect with Kawhi’s uncle Dennis for extra work.

Wilkes also suggested that he had a very detailed blueprint of what the LA Clippers needed to present at a meeting with Kawhi, Jerry West, coach Doc Rivers and several other members of the team in July 2019.

Immediately after this information was released, Mr. Jerry West immediately denied all charges.

In December 2019, the NBA launched an investigation into whether some individuals had received bribes or illegally benefited from Kawhi Leonard’s free-player contracting with the LA Clippers.

This is the result of some information revealed that Kawhi’s uncle asked the Clippers to grant him a house, a private jet to use for his own purposes and shares of the team.

In the end, the NBA ended its investigation after finding no evidence of misconduct.

There has been a similar misconduct in the past with the Minnesota Timberwolves and free player Joe Smith. At that time, this team was found to have violated a serious law and was stripped of 5 round 1 picks by the NBA.

If the NBA finds a mistake in the LA Clippers signing Kawhi Leonard, this team could be fined even more.