Seeing his son give up on him to PUMA, what does LaVar Ball say so much?

Besides the fans’ surprise when LaMelo Ball signed with PUMA, they also wondered how his father LaVar Ball would react to being abandoned by his son.

In the past time, LaMelo Ball’s decision to sign a promotional contract with PUMA has surprised many people.

During the Australian season, the youngest Ball still wears Nike shoes and is nominally part of the Big Baller Brand family brand – BBB.

Even so, LaMelo’s shocking decision was made when he picked PUMA just before his first NBA season in his career.

Besides the surprise of the fans, they started to turn their attention to their father LaVar Ball, who is very famous and often has shocking statements about boys.

So when he saw the NBA’s young star, suddenly abandoning his family brand, how did LaVar react?

In an episode on the reality show “Ball in the Family”, he showed a deeply angry image and even, LaVar Ball had inappropriate words when reacting to this information.

“Is it signed with PUMA? Very good! ”, LaVar Ball responded harshly.

“Know why not, if you like it My brand I will brand my way. No need for anyone to support “.

In the latest season of “Ball in the Family”, LaMelo Ball has been absent from every episode since the start of the season, given that Melo is participating in training before the NBA Draft in Detroit with his personal coach.

With LaVar Ball’s reaction, it seems that LaMelo decided to give up on the family brand without even telling his dad. Later, the 19-year-old signed a contract with a rival brand.

Coming to PUMA, LaMelo Ball is not sure to own a separate line of shoes like what he has with Big Baller Brand.

However, the amount that Melo earns is likely to be a lot bigger than staying in BBB. At the same time, BBB just went through a year of crisis when there was internal turmoil.

Lawsuits caused the brand to be temporarily closed for a while before re-launching a few months ago.