Philadelphia 76’ers – One of the Oldest and Greatest Franchises in the history of NBA

When it comes to the greatest franchise in NBA history, there is always one debate: Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers? These two legendary franchises are far the most successful outfits in the history of the greatest basketball league in the world. In fact, out of every franchise to have ever played in the NBA, besides these two mentioned names, Philadelphia 76’ers is also one of the oldest and greatest franchises of the league.

Founded in 1946 as Syracuse 76’ers, Philadelphia 76’ers is one of the oldest in the history of the NBA. With such a rich tapestry of talent to have featured for the franchise during years, it is difficult to argue that they are not one of the most important outfits in the history of the league. Names like Wilt Chamberlain, Charles Barkley, Hal Greer, Allen Iverson, Dolph Schayes, Julius Irving, and Billy Cunningham have worn the famous shirt of the 76’ers.

It was back in the Syracuse days when the 76’ers won their first championship to take the NBA title in 1955. It took them another 12 years to capture their second in 1967 with Chamberlain leading the charge. Their third and final title came in 1983.

While they might not have captured the lightning in a bottle that other dynasties have before or even after them, it is no doubt to say that they have competed with their best. Their stats certainly back this up, given that they have made 48 playoffs. Their win ratio might not be jaw-dropping at 2806-2663 but there is no question that they deserve their place in the top franchises in the history of the NBA.

Basically, a top-class sports franchise should be able to attract the highest caliber of players they have. They should have the strong and firm fan-base to justify their brand. They should also have a history steeped in glory and relevance. And the 76’ers might have at least most of all.