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Serge Ibaka: From refugee camp to NBA Champion 0

On June 14, 2019, veteran player Serge Ibaka became the NBA Champion with the Toronto Raptors. The seemingly impossible journey from the civil war in the Congo got him where he is today. Sergeballu Ibaka was born on September 18, 1989 in Brazzaville, capital of the Congo. His father,

Seeing his son give up on him to PUMA, what does LaVar Ball say so much? 0

Besides the fans’ surprise when LaMelo Ball signed with PUMA, they also wondered how his father LaVar Ball would react to being abandoned by his son. In the past time, LaMelo Ball’s decision to sign a promotional contract with PUMA has surprised many people. During the Australian season, the

The top 10 NBA 2K stars and the spectacular transformation from the Rookie season 0

For the rookie players, they are certainly not appreciated in NBA 2K, until now they have been spectacular transformations. Usually, the best way to monitor an NBA player’s growth is to watch their stats on the simulated NBA 2K game. The fact that the player stats are constantly updated

Tears farewell to China, Jeremy Lin wants to return to the NBA 0

With Beijing Ducks, Jeremy Lin helped the team reach the semi-finals. But now, he has expressed his intention to leave China and return to the NBA. After a season of fighting at the China Professional Basketball (CBA) shirt in Beijing Ducks, Jeremy Lin will officially say goodbye to the

LeBron James has been selected to All-NBA team selection for 16 times 0

Breaking NBA records seems to have become a habit of LeBron James. And last week, he broke another after becoming the player having the most All-NBA teams selection when he was announced to have been selected to his 16th during his 17-year career. The Los Angeles Lakers star surpassed

Giannis Antetokounmpo re-injured his ankle: Screams hurt fans 0

After falling and lying on the field for a long time in pain, Giannis Antetokounmpo got up to receive the help of the medical team to leave the field. Sliding through the narrow doorway, the Milwaukee Bucks was able to continue their season for another two days, overtaking the

Five matches not to be missed when the NBA restarts in July (Part 2) 0

3. Memphis Grizzlies vs. New Orleans Pelicans Are you a Ja Morant or Zion Williamson team? For those who have not chosen a favorite rookie, the NBA will bring a match between Ja and Zion for fans to enjoy. This is not simply a contest to determine who is the better

Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA legend of all time 0

Declaring any player to be the best ever to play their sport usually makes for an intense debate in sports bars, but Jordan is the exception to the rule. The NBA’s own website defines Jordan as “the greatest basketball player of all time,” and it’s virtually impossible to disagree.

This is the option of Golden State Warriors if there’s a NBA Draft 2020 pick 0

The Golden State Warriors certainly have picks in the top 5 and have a great chance of winning a NBA Draft 2020, but they don’t want to target a future star. After a season of total failure, the Golden State Warriors look forward to the next season with the

Philadelphia 76’ers – One of the Oldest and Greatest Franchises in the history of NBA 0

When it comes to the greatest franchise in NBA history, there is always one debate: Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers? These two legendary franchises are far the most successful outfits in the history of the greatest basketball league in the world. In fact, out of every franchise to