NBA 2020-21 season: Schedule, COVID-19 protocols, and things to make clear (part 2)

Will the games be postponed for positive tests?

Like the NFL, the potential suspension or postponement of the game will be reviewed from time to time. NFL teams have tried to play a schedule where only a few players are tested positive with the virus in an organization, but the schedules have to be changed in case of an outbreak.

The NBA remains confident in its contracts, but it remains to be seen how it will handle the situation if several players on the same team find out they get the virus at the same time.

How is the season plan different?

The plan will vary in a number of ways.

First, there will be only 72 games, below the average of 82. While the teams are still scheduled to play at home and away with all the teams in the conference they are facing, they will only play three times with each team in their conference. Typically, four-team teams face 10 opponents at their conference and three play four more.

Second, in an effort to slow down the process, teams will play what could be described as a “baseball-style” series against opponents, with two consecutive games in the same city facing the same team. Fans will get a little taste of this during the preseason, where there will be repeated matchup between the teams.

Eventually, instead of releasing the entire system at once, the NBA will release it in half. The first half – matches taking place from December 22 to March 4 – was released last week, and the second half will be released after about 30 matches. This provides the NBA flexibility to adapt to possible delays due to COVID-19 problems.

Will there be fans in the games?

That decision will be made in consultation with the group in consultation with local and state health officials. No fans will be allowed in most NBA stadiums at the start of the season. Some cities will allow a limited number of fans at the games – where all fans over the age of 2 are required to wear face masks. Other franchises, including the Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver Nuggets and Charlotte Hornets, have announced that they will open the season without fans in home games.