LeBron James vows not to sleep until the LA Lakers Championship 2020 NBA Championship

LeBron star James said he did not care about rest until the Los Angeles Lakers completed the mission.

After game 4 NBA Finals ended, the Los Angeles Lakers players and coaches returned to their hotels at the start of the day. Not long after that, at 6:30 a.m., LeBron James posted a photo to let his 47.6 million Twitter followers know he was completely awake.

Few people know that he has still woken up since leaving the bus. James will sleep a lot after the season ends, but from now until then, his circadian clock will still be in arrhythmia. After all, it’s hard to sleep when your team is headed for the 17th NBA Championship title, something only the Boston Celtics can do.

At the age of 35, on the other side of the slope of his career, LeBron James needs more rest than at any time. He understands that and sets his sleep mode very carefully. During the season, the time a player won this MVP 4 times spent sleeping is 12 hours. This is not strange at all. All athletes take good care of sleep. Match-day naps are also gaining popularity in the NBA.

But when James and his teammates were only one step away from the final victory, the 17-season NBA star refused to rest. Not long ago, people were surprised because LeBron stayed up until dawn on competition day to operate the Miami Heat ice.

“We understand how big the risk will be,” James told AP. “It is not over yet. We have the opportunity to restore our bodies when we have a day off, but at the same time keep a clear mind. Tomorrow I will continue to watch the video, take care of my body like the test day. I will continue to practice and not sleep until the end of the series.

“For me, at this point I don’t care about resting. Seriously, I don’t care about going to bed. Even resting during the game, I don’t count. Of course. “I won’t play for the full 48 minutes. I still have to follow the coach’s strategy and rotation. But it doesn’t matter to rest.”

Perhaps James will get a rest sooner. James’s former football teams – the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers – won all three chances to win the Championship. In total, LeBron has won 38 out of 48 times his team has a chance to win the series.

Such a serious attitude seems to be the main reason why this 35-year-old star is so successful.