This is the option of Golden State Warriors if there’s a NBA Draft 2020 pick

The Golden State Warriors certainly have picks in the top 5 and have a great chance of winning a NBA Draft 2020, but they don’t want to target a future star.

After a season of total failure, the Golden State Warriors look forward to the next season with the ambition to advance to the Championship. Because of that, they don’t really care about the 2020 Draft even though they will have the pick in the top 5. For the San Francisco team, the current priority is not developing young talent.

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Therefore, they are willing to discuss if unfortunately received the first choice of the Draft 2020. However, this year’s pick does not bring much excitement to other teams. Top stars like James Wiseman or LaMelo Ball are not overestimated and the price to pick this pick will certainly be lower than in previous years.

In case Warriors could not find a partner to offer a reasonable price, they did not want to let Wiseman or Ball play at Chase Center. Their blue eyes were on Anthony Edwards of the University of Georgia. NBC Sports correspondent Kurt Helin gave a thorough explanation:

“Edwards plays as a defender scoring and has a height of 1m96. He will certainly prepare for Klay Thompson and ready to play a minor role in the squad. Edwards possesses good physical condition and is frequently The opponent focused on last season, but proved his ability to finish in difficult throws. He needs to do more to improve the skill set but is generally suitable for Golden State. “

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Golden State has set goals if it falls into the 2-5 vote. Accordingly, the most likely targets are Tyrese Haliburton (Iowa State University), Isaac Okoro (Auburn University) or Daniel Avdija (Israel).

The NBA Draft 2020 will take place on August 25. With the worst NBA achievement, Golden State Warriors got a 14% chance to get the first pick, 40.1% had a vote in the top 3 and 47.9% fell out of the top 4 votes for the first time. But that’s in case they want to keep their picks.