NBA reboots: Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons and the most notable questions (Part 3)

If taken to the PF position, Ben could become more versatile and impact the more positive aspects for the Philadelphia 76ers. You can play as a runner, a quick counter-attacker, a bodybuilder who is superior to the opponent of the same position or a quality screener.

The biggest weakness of Ben Simmons remains, it is the ability to throw the basket. By taking him to PF position and putting Shake Milton in PG, coach Brett Brown can take advantage of Milton’s long throw ability (46% 3PT) to stretch the opponent team, opening more space for Joel Embiid , Al Horford or Ben Simmons himself handled at medium range and near the basket.

Somewhere still difficult to coexist between Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, but this may be the best way to optimize the current Philadelphia 76ers lineup.

NBA công bố lịch thi đấu khi tái khởi động: Khai cuộc với đại chiến LA

The news that Russell Westbrook was infected with COVID-19 was what brought great anxiety to Houston Rockets fans, who had begun to think about the prospect of James Harden all alone. However, Westbrook is likely to recover well and promptly return to the first phase of the Playoffs round.

Before the season was postponed, Russ was playing the best basketball of his career with an average of 31.7 points with 8.1 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1.9 steals from January 1, 2020. 

During this time, Westbrook’s throw rate also improved significantly with 75% FT, accompanied by 52% FG. This is the result of giving up inaccurate throw at medium range and round 3 points, instead of powerful attacks on the basket. 

Parallel to the change of Russell Westbrook, the Houston Rockets adopted a tactical change when their only pure central striker in the squad was Clint Capela for Robert Covington. Coach Mike D’Antoni bet with the “super small ball” squad to open as much space as possible for Westbrook or even James Harden to find an opportunity to finish.

Chi tiết kế hoạch tái khởi động NBA cùng 22 đội bóng

Impressive, but Westbrook with COVID-19 epidemic and long rest period can maintain the same style? 

First, he must pass COVID-19 while still trying to maintain his body. After that, Westbrook needed to get back to his teammates very quickly because, during the period of isolation, he would not be able to participate in training or do any collective activities.

A lot of difficulties await Russ West. But with the spirit of steel and determination, hope that the Houston Rockets superstar will return as strong as possible.