The NBA returns in January

The NBA organizers aim to kick off the new season next year and try to bring basketball back to the club’s home turf.

In the recent press meeting, NBA Chairman Adam Silver spoke about the plan to organize the new season. Many officials expect the tournament to start again in February, but the organizers want the games back in January, at the clubs’ home fields.

Mr. Silver can not confirm whether the audience can enter the field or not. “Our goal is to get the fans to the pitch, but that depends on many factors. Maybe a quick test will be key.”
Opinions looking forward to the new season kicking off in February come from the hope that there will be a COVID-19 vaccine between December and January. However, the NBA side has a different view:

“Based on our research, it is unlikely that the vaccine will be widely used before next season kicks off, so this is certainly not a factor in our plans. “.

One of the aspects of interest is next season’s salary budget. COVID-19 cost the NBA one-fifth of its annual revenue and the organizers of the tournament will have to meet with the Players’ Association to adjust the numbers. Until now, negotiations have not been conducted, but Chairman Silver is confident that there will not be many conflicts between the two sides:

“I don’t think there will be a problem. Of course I know there will be problems and the negotiation is not that simple, but we will settle and come to an agreement like before.”

The NBA has now set the timeline for the Draft 2020 event on November 18. However, many other times such as the opening day of the transfer market, the beginning of practice, … have not been passed.