Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving challenged each other and the super beautiful ending for the Brooklyn Nets

Previously, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green each challenged each other, leading to a bad ending for the Warriors. But in Brooklyn Nets, things are different.

Fans have seen Kevin Durant being challenged by Draymond Green and a bad ending for the Golden State Warriors.

This time, KD fell into the same situation again. But perhaps the difference is that the person giving the challenge is no longer Draymond but the extremely close brother of Durant – Kyrie Irving.

After a foul by Kyrie Irving in the middle of the fourth half match Brooklyn Nets against the Atlanta Hawks, Irving and Durant spoke extremely harshly.

Nobody knows what they said to each other, but it seems Kevin Durant challenged Kyrie Irving to elevate himself, not to let emotions overwhelm his performance.

Completely different from what happened at Golden State, Durant and Irving seemingly successfully raised each other’s level and brought a beautiful ending to the Brooklyn team.

After being overwhelmed by a much younger counterweight, Trae Young, in three innings, Kyrie Irving made a strong comeback in the fourth half and scored 17 points.

Right beside him, Kevin Durant contributed 16 more points in the last half to help the Brooklyn Nets beat the Atlanta Hawks with a close 145-141.

Particularly in the last 5 minutes and 30 seconds of the match, the duo Irving and Durant scored all the last 20 points of the Nets, closing the extremely tense competition with Atlanta.

The whole game, Kevin Durant almost made triple-double with 33 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists. As for Kyrie Irving, after only 8 points with 3-16 FG over the first 3 innings ended the game with 25 points and 10-27 FG (7-11 FG in the fourth half).

Their quality scorer Dinwiddie will have to take the rest of the season because of a torn knee ligament.

Before that, the Nets lost two consecutive matches in two days. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were allowed to sit outside to rest.

Entering the match against the Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn was suddenly quite “suffocated” when Trae Young and his teammates played so well, the young Hawks’ young player set up 16 free throws with 14 successful throws.

In addition, rebound is also a weakness for Brooklyn when they let Atlanta take full initiative in the area below the basket.

But after the challenge was raised between the duo Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, things turned to the Nets. In addition to these two superstars leading the attack, Brooklyn’s defensive ability improved significantly in the last 5 minutes.

In the past, when Kevin Durant and some other teammates had muted words, people often saw a bad ending.

But now playing with an extremely close brother like Kyrie Irving, things seem a lot more positive.

Most importantly, Brooklyn Nets has had an impressive victory after this incident, a beautiful ending for the team that is experiencing many difficulties in force at the beginning of the 2020-21 season.