NBA indefinitely postpones NBA Draft Lottery and Scouting Combine 0

The NBA has indefinitely suspended the NBA Draft Lottery as well as the Draft Combine, both originally planned for May, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Draft Lottery was originally planned for May 19 to determine the draft order of the first picks of the 2020 NBA Draft. Then,

NBA Players Born Outside of The United States (Part 3) 0

3 Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies Marc Gasol sadly is out for the rest of the season this year, but last year he was arguably an MVP candidate. Early on in his career there were a lot of doubt about whether or not he could become a star like his

NBA teams to reopen when testing plan begins emerging 0

The NBA took tiny steps to resume to normalcy Friday when at least one team was permitted from the league to test staff and players for the COVID-19 and some practice facilities reopened for workouts. Meanwhile, on Friday night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver participated in a teleconference with members

NBA Players Born Outside of The United States (Part 5) 0

Nicolas Batum – Charlotte Hornets Nicolas Batum has been having a great year in his first year in Charlotte. The small forward from France has played a large role in the Hornets playoff push this season, and the Hornets may be a sleeper to win a round in the

The Best NBA Players Of All Time (part 5) 0

12. Shaquille O’Neal (1993-2011) Killer Stat: 5823 Field-Goal Percentage Shaquille O’Neal, one of the most recent truly dominant centers in an era of NBA that has since become dated, was a major part of four different championship teams during his career. Sinking above 58% of his career field goals

NBA Players Born Outside of The United States (Part 4) 0

Serge Ibaka – Oklahoma City Thunder Serge Ibaka is another international player whose performance in this season are not as good as in the previous seasons. He is still a very good player though. When Ibaka first joins the league he did not have much of a jump shot,

The Best NBA Players Of All Time (part 4) 0

9. Karl Malone (1986-2004) Killer Stat: 25.0 Points Each Game Karl Malone was considered as a defender’s nightmare in his NBA heyday. He put up 25 points and 10.1 rebounds each game throughout his entire career, which lasted about 20 years, but somehow he never resulted in a championship.

NBA Players Born Outside of The United States (Part 3) 0

Goran Dragic – Miami Heat  Goran Dragic could potentially move higher up the list. He certainly is paid closely to an all-star level who should be much higher on this list while he was on the Phoenix Suns last year. He was then transferred to the Miami heat during

The Best NBA Players Of All Time (part 3) 0

6. Larry Bird (1980-1992) Killer Stat: 59 Triple Doubles Larry Bird is considered as the most deadly shooter that there has ever been. That is proved by his leading of the Boston Celtics teams to three NBA championships as well as five NBA Finals appearances in the 1980s. Larry

Top NBA Players Born Inside and Outside of The United States (Part 2) 0

Tony Parker – San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker used to be an important member to Spurs team although now he is thirty-three years old. He has proven to be still reliable this while time by playing remarkably in sixty six games so far throughout the season. He is getting