Top NBA Players Born Inside and Outside of The United States (Part 2)

Tony Parker – San Antonio Spurs

Tony Parker used to be an important member to Spurs team although now he is thirty-three years old. He has proven to be still reliable this while time by playing remarkably in sixty six games so far throughout the season. He is getting an averaging of twelve points and five assists per game so far this season. These numbers are less than they used to be, but Tony Parker always seems to perform at his best during the playoffs. It is due to his clutch play, that he is still recognized among the top fifteen international players in the NBA today.

Nikola Jokic – Denver Nuggets

The rookie from Serbia definitely gets on the list. This kid is turning out to be a star in the draft for the Denver Nuggets. He easily get into top five rookie in the league this season, and may even be better than the Denver Nuggets star player Emmanuel Mudiay. He offers the Nuggets a much needed consistent performance and rebounding presence. Jokic also plays  decent offensive games, which has improved tremendously from the beginning of the season till now. Currently Jokic is getting an average of ten points per game and six assists as well as a half rebounds per game. Jokic’s numbers have been gradually improving as he’s been getting more playing time recently.

Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs

The big fundamental seems to never cease. The big man from the U.S. Virgin Islands still plays a critical role in helping the Spurs win on a nightly basis. His scoring declined this year to nine points per game, but the Spurs are still one of the top teams in the NBA. Duncan is also a very reliable defender for a player who is almost 40 years old, and still gets remarkable eight rebounds per game. Although his numbers do not much impressive, it would be a disservice to leave arguably the best power forward to ever perform on this list.