The Best NBA Players Of All Time (part 4)

9. Karl Malone (1986-2004)

Killer Stat: 25.0 Points Each Game

Karl Malone was considered as a defender’s nightmare in his NBA heyday. He put up 25 points and 10.1 rebounds each game throughout his entire career, which lasted about 20 years, but somehow he never resulted in a championship.

Although there was a stretch from 1988 to 1993 with the Utah Jazz in which “The Mailman” averaged about 29 points and over 11 rebounds each game, he wouldn’t gain his 2 NBA MVP awards until after that. His place in the advanced metric of value over replacement player is third of all time, sitting right behind LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

10. Charles Barkley (1985-2000)

Killer Stat: 11.7 Rebounds Each Game

Averaging a career double of 22.1 points and 11.7 rebounds each game is the first thing jumping out about the career of Charles Barkley in Philadelphia, Houston, and Phoenix. But if you look at his ranking in advanced statistics, you will really see how special he was.

He sits at fifth in value over replacement player and in terms of career box plus/minus, he just ranks right behind LeBron James and Michael Jordan, which reveals his overall dominance. One of the game’s true travesties is the fact that he never got to earn an NBA championship.

11. Bob Pettit (1955-1965)

Killer Stat: 16.2 Rebounds Each Game

Bob Pettit had a rather short NBA career with the Milwaukee/St. Louis Hawks, but he certainly made the most of it. He was named an All-NBA selection and All-Star in all 11 seasons throughout his career, which includes 10 first-team All-NBA selections, the same number that Michael Jordan earned. His career numbers are really staggering, with his averaging 26.4 points and 16.2 rebounds each game, which ranks him inside the top 10 of all time in both categories. Bob was also the first ever player to be named NBA MVP, an honor that he would win twice.