NBA Rule Changes

Player transfers usually make the NBA news headlines during the off-season. Before the beginning of the 2019/20 season, however, the headlines became more interesting as the NBA introduced new rules. The rules were implemented mainly to help improve the quality of the games. The new rules are highlighted below.

Coaches Are Allowed One Challenge for Each Game

NBA coaches now have an opportunity to challenge the decisions of the officials during a game. With each coach having only one challenge, there can be two challenges only for each game. The coach has to call a timeout to utilize the challenge. The timeout is awarded back to the team if the coach wins the challenge. A coach can challenge only for goaltending, out-of-bounds decisions, and foul calls.

New Emphasis Points for Officials

Some new points of emphasis have been introduced, especially regarding traveling. That means that the officials will be more stringent regarding players’ traveling, using the now official rulebook of the league, The Gather. Players are allowed a maximum of two steps after gaining full control of the ball. The other point of emphasis will be on illegal offensive contact.

Coaches Have to Submit Starting Lineups Earlier

For this season, coaches have to submit the starting lineups not later than 30 minutes before the game starting time. This rule might be the best news to punters as they will now be able to factor in who is playing before they place their bets. Fantasy basketball players also stand to benefit from this new rule.

Punishment for Tampering Is Stricter

The NBA board of governors gave their approval for a set of stricter penalties for salary-cap circumvention and tampering. A team can now be fined $10 million and lose draft picks if caught violating the tampering rules. The contracts for executives can also be voided. Teams have to save all communications between them and agents for an entire year.